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Woman Goes To Check On Her Cat And Finds Him With His ‘Twin’


Woman Goes To Check On Her Cat And Finds Him With His ‘Twin’

Meet Loki, a one-of-a-kind cat – or so his mother thought.

“He is one of the nicest cats you will ever meet,” Loki’s mother, Devi Larsen, told The Dodo. “When people who don’t like cats come around, he always changes their minds since he’s so gregarious and enjoys meeting new people.”

“Like his name implies, he’s also incredibly wicked and will gaze right at you while knocking things off the counter,” she continued.

Loki enjoys spending time outside and will rush out the front door whenever he has the chance. “He’s been obsessed with the outside since he was a kitten,” Larsen said. “And by interested, I mean instantly rushing out and spreading out on the ground or munching grass.”

Larsen has never been comfortable allowing Loki to venture too far away from home. So, in order to keep her cat happy, she devised a solution: tying him in the yard on a leash.

Larsen was inside on a work call, and Loki was outside enjoying the sunlight, when something odd happened. Larsen ran out of the house when he heard snarling from the yard.

Outside, two plump gray cats were squabbling. Larsen initially thought she was seeing double. “I’d never seen another cat like Loki around our region before, so when I walked out and saw the sight in front of me, I was very perplexed!” Larsen stated. “It took me a second to realize that one of these wasn’t my boy!”

Larsen moved to separate them because neither cat looked to be comfortable confronting its counterpart. Loki’s leash had come undone, but the other cat was wearing a harness. Things became heated when she went to get it.

“I eventually see the other cat has a black harness, so I immediately grab it and proceed to restrain my cat,” Larsen posted on Reddit. “He propels himself faster than this jiggly beast has ever moved in his life, before I can.” He slams into the other cat, and they slap together like peanut butter and jelly.”

Larsen took Loki inside, and while neither cat was hurt, Larsen got a lot of scratches.

Larsen has pledged never to leave Loki outside unaccompanied again after that day. Instead, she’s making him a catio where he can enjoy the air and sunshine without having to confront his “twin.”

“He’s typically quite fine with other animals since we’ve fostered a lot,” Larsen added. “Perhaps he didn’t like what he saw when he looked in the mirror.”

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