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Two Dogs And Two People Rescued From Truck Hanging Over A Ravine


Two Dogs And Two People Rescued From Truck Hanging Over A Ravine

A car accident turned into a heroic rescue after two people and two dogs were rescued from a truck hanging over a ravine in Idaho.

Thankfully, an emergency rescue team arrived in time and was able to prevent a tragedy from unfolding.

According to a police report from the Idaho State Police, a pick up truck towing a camper lost control on the Malad Gorge bridge.

The 67-year-old man and 64-year-old woman in the vehicle, along with their two small dogs, hit the right barrier of the bridge before swerving and hitting the left barrier. Unfortunately, the truck tipped up over the barrier and ended up going over the edge of the bridge.

However, before falling into the gorge and into certain death, the safety chain holding the camper to the truck caught on the side of the bridge and prevented them from falling further.

The dangling truck and its occupants were stuck, dangling over the side of the bridge above the gorge.

Rescue teams arrived as quickly as possible and were able to secure the truck with additional chains. Then, they worked on getting to the occupants of the vehicle. According to the report, rescue teams were able to call out to the couple and confirm they were conscious and neither had serious injuries.

Then, they began the heroic rescue over the side of the bridge. They were able to safely get both the man and woman out of the truck, along with the two dogs.

The police department wrote about the rescue on social media, saying, “We at ISP are incredibly grateful to all the emergency responders who came together yesterday in an amazing rescue of two people and two dogs from a pickup truck dangling over the Malad Gorge bridge.”

They went on to say that every person in the rescue played a critical role in the successful rescue and that “Two people and their dogs were lifted to safety, and no emergency responders were injured in the heroic effort.”

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