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Sweet baby only falls asleep when her dogs are with her


Sweet baby only falls asleep when her dogs are with her

Getting little ones to go to sleep is not an easy task, even for the most qualified parents.

Many parents resort to tips and tricks to get their little ones to sleep.

One mother realized that the trick to getting her baby girl, Amelia, to get to sleep was to bring all the animals into the room with her to go to sleep, too.

That said, it took a lot of dedication and perseverance to get to that final success. The first attempt was a total flop, with her toddler climbing up onto her parents bed instead.


Amelia made it into her crib by her second attempt, but the crafty toddler clambered out of it. Her mom was in complete shock. Where did you learn to do that? she asked, but the toddler only smiled in response.

Attempts three and four were flops as well, though not for Amelia. Possibly inspired by Amelia’s grand escape, her Husky sibling attempted to jump into her crib. But the crib was too high for the silly pup.

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