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Rescued Chihuahua Born Without Front Legs Is Adorable Little Fighter


Rescued Chihuahua Born Without Front Legs Is Adorable Little Fighter

McFly “Ali” is the cutest, bravest, and toughest Chihuahua puppy you’ll ever meet! The precious puppy was born with a birth defect and was surrendered to The Mia Foundation when he was only 1-day-old because of a deformity to his front legs.


The Mia Foundation is an animal rescue that specializes in helping dogs with congenital birth defects, such as cleft palates or ones like McFly has.
They’re making sure McFly gets the physical therapy, love and attention he needs to thrive! Watch the little guy learn to “box” and throw a few adorable punches at his “trainer”.
He’s not only “boxing”, he’s also learning to sit as well. Watching him practice charmed my socks off.
Like any puppy, he’s pretty rambunctious. This is what happens when he gets a whiff of chicken.

He loves hanging out with his pals. Bear is just a day apart in age from McFly. Aren’t they cute? In this photo, they’re getting ready for their vet visit together.

And he’s got plenty of puppy energy. The Mia Foundation says he wakes up in the morning and is “like a little Tasmanian devil…swirling, hopping and rolling EVERYWHERE!!!”

But he also will take it easy.

McFly gets tuckered out just like any puppy after all his activities. Rest up McFly, tomorrow will bring another fun-filled day!

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