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Photographer Crosses Paths With A Black Cat Unlike Any He’s Seen Before


Photographer Crosses Paths With A Black Cat Unlike Any He’s Seen Before

Some people believe that encountering a black cat is a terrible omen, but for wildlife photographer George Turner, it was really a sign of very, really good fortune.

Not only is the animal Turner encountered stunning, but he may be the only one of his kind on the planet.

It was a serval, a kind of African cat. Typically, they appear as follows:

Turner’s shot of a serval in the wilds of Tanzania, on the other hand, was rather different.

“I can’t express how mind-boggling this was… and still is,” Turner wrote online.

Rather from being spotted, this serval was completely black:

This serval is said to have melanism, a rare disorder that causes exceptionally dark pigmentation in the skin and hair of animals. As a consequence, the serval’s already stunning appearance was elevated to a whole new degree of beauty.

Turner, a seasoned wildlife photographer, has never seen anything like this before.

“For context,” he said, “even viewing a ‘typical’ serval is difficult.” “They’re shy, secretive cats who prefer to reside in thick grasses – the ideal mix for remaining undetected. Every time I’ve had the opportunity to see them, my heart skips a beat.”

Fortunately, despite its unusual appearance, the serval Turner spotted appeared to be healthy. The serval will not be forgotten despite the fact that Turner was only able to take one photograph before it disappeared into the brush.

“The aim, for now, is that he continues to prosper in the grasslands and expand his territory,” Turner said, enthusiastic about the cat’s chances of finding a mate: “What serval could resist such beautiful good looks?!

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