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Man records his cat’s activities for 24 hours


Man records his cat’s activities for 24 hours

A man considered what his feline, Ralph, would do on an ordinary day, particularly when he wasn’t looking. To discover he chose to put an extremely small and light camera on Ralph’s collar to get film for 24 hours.

The man is also a stop motion artist, so in between footage of the cat is a text that describes the scenes or questions. He mentioned he had another cat in the house named Bella who was older than Ralph.

From Ralph’s perspective you can see how he sees the world from his height, and all the unique movements a cat has. He checks the bed before getting up, he navigates the house differently, and he likes to watch the garden.

Ralph spent a lot of time by the backdoor watching the bird feeders which have to be filled every day because they get a lot of birds. Unfortunately, as much as Ralph wants to go out, it isn’t safe.

Since Bella is a decade older at 12 years, she can get pretty grumpy. Originally she was raised without another cat in the house until Ralph came along. Ralph loves her, but Bella just wants to be left alone.

Bella likes to bully Ralph, who doesn’t seem to mind most of the time. He tries to get close to her, but she is very particular about her personal space.

No dark secrets were uncovered in the footage of Ralph’s day. The man plans to build a “catio” for Ralph at least so he can go play outside again.

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