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Little Lucy, the Tiny Kitten Born with Hypothyroidism Steals Our Hearts


Little Lucy, the Tiny Kitten Born with Hypothyroidism Steals Our Hearts

Meet Little Lucy, a tiny kitten from San Diego that has been stealing thousands of hearts.

Hannah Shaw, known as the Kitten Lady on Facebook, shared Little Lucy’s story, one of seven hungry foster kittens that required bottle feeding. Shaw, a kitten rescuer, humane educator, and New York Times bestselling author, had her hands full as the kittens wanted to feed at once. Of all of the kittens, Lucy is by far the smallest and easily pushed aside by her bigger siblings at feeding time. Their names: Cooper, Harry, Garland, Andy, Laura, and Hawk. However, Shaw isn’t about to let Lucy miss out.

Shaw began feeding Lucy and the foster kittens back in May 2020. Her full name is Lucy Moran, and she was one of the seven “Twin Peaks kittens.” At the time, Shaw was watching the TV series.

Nope, Lucy always goes first when it’s time to bottle feed the “voracious bottle babies,” says Kitten Lady. As the other kittens mew and try to get attention, their caretaker says, “I know,” gently moving them so Lucy can feed.

“Lucy goes first. Then, everybody else can go,” she says.

As Lucy gets the formula, her much-larger brother Hawk puts up quite a fuss.

“Hawk always acts like he’s never been fed in his life,” she says. “I know. Noone ever fed you. We’re going to feed Hawk next, ’cause he’s the most squeaky wheel of the bunch.”

See Lucy and the hungry kittens in the video by Kitten Lady below:

Recently, Shaw shared some adorable pictures of Little Lucy, who is all grown up now (as you’ll see later).

“I just stumbled across these Little Lucy photos from last summer, and it seemed criminal not to share them. She is hands down one of the cutest babies I have ever raised. I mean…come on. Those tiny teefies. That bulldog stance. That squish head. It’s all too much. Too much!”

In a few days, the photos of Little Lucy went viral, amassing 51K likes and over 1K shares. Yes, there’s just something quintessentially cute about this little kitten.

Part of the fun is the comment section. So, we include some hilarious responses to the wee kitten. In the picture below, Lucy’s fans just love her tiny little “teef.”

“What a wonderful world when I see all these tiny and so precious kittens. Oh yes!!!!!” wrote one person.

Then, we get a closeup of the cuteness, and it’s almost too much for words.

“I’ve always kept a little place in my heart for this tiny, magic, alien baby. Just unbelievable to see pictures of her now,” said one person.

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