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Little cat Determined to Grow Strong After Being Found in Backyard, Now Reaches New Chapter in Life


Little cat Determined to Grow Strong After Being Found in Backyard, Now Reaches New Chapter in Life

A sweet cat who was seen as outside without a mother, has bloomed into a ravishing youthful feline.

Ashley Kelley

Aela the cat was seen as deserted by the mother in a lawn when she was a day old. In spite of the fact that her eyes were as yet shut, she showed an amazing will to live.

Ashley Kelley, an encourage volunteer of Wrenn Rescues (in Southern California), was reached with regards to the little vagrant. Without the slightest hesitation, she proposed to take her, as neonatal cats are the absolute most weak salvages.

When Ashley took the pint-sized kitten out of the carrier, she was surprised by what she discovered. Aela was born with a facial defect and a nose shaped like a butterfly.

Aela started to put on weight, and in just a few days, she officially joined the 100-gram club. “I brushed her with her little tooth brush (after feedings). She loved it.”

After every meal, the sweet kitten would crawl her way into Ashley’s hand, curl up in a ball, and fall right to sleep. She was so content with a loving human to keep her company, and all the little things (soft blankets, snuggle toys) in life.

At 12 days old, Aela opened her eyes to see the world for the first time. She was curious and wanted to be loved at every given chance. She would wave her little paws in the air or furiously knead on her soft blankets, purring up a storm.

“I’ve never met a more content and angelic little neonate in my life,” Ashley said. “She was gaining weight like it was her job.”

When her legs were strong enough, the brave kitty wandered through a big three-way tunnel all by herself. “She was pretty surprised to find me at the other end, after having left my lap to enter on the other side.”

She was upgraded to a big-girl room equipped with a spacious playpen, her very own litter box and more blankets to knead on.

Aela officially reached the one-pound mark at five weeks old. She began to learn to eat and chew like a big kitty and spend more time exploring around, playing with toys. Her favorite pastime of all was sitting on laps and having her belly rubbed.

When her teeth started to germinate, they noticed she had a severe overbite. After being evaluated by a specialist, they determined that the kitten would need corrective surgery when she was older.

“Aela’s skull did not fully form in the womb. She has been diagnosed with (a mild case of) hydrocephalus. She has a deformed (in multiple ways) mouth, which kind of pushed her nasal cavities up and apart,” Ashley wrote.

“She is the luckiest little kitten I’ve ever met, and has somehow managed to get the best case scenario in every diagnosis she has. I’m truly impressed and amazed.”

Aela likes to stay busy, playing with things she finds all over the house, and cuddling with other feline friends. “She always knows that when we make our lunch, it’s her lunch time too. And she never lets us forget to feed her.”

Watch Aela’s journey in this cute video:

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