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Foster Kitten’s Favorite Place To Hide Is In His Dog Brother’s Fur


Foster Kitten’s Favorite Place To Hide Is In His Dog Brother’s Fur

Basil and his siblings were discovered on the streets of San Jose, California, alone a little more than a month ago. Humane Society Silicon Valley took them in and soon put them in a foster home. All three kittens were quite underweight and struggled to feed at first, but with the support of their rescuers, they gradually gained strength and are now flourishing.

“Basil is the most extroverted and adventurous of his siblings,” Humane Society Silicon Valley content marketing manager Alexandra Baggs told The Dodo. “His foster mother described him as a ‘wild youngster.’”

When Basil and his siblings were well enough, they were able to meet their dog foster brother, Angus. Angus has always enjoyed fostering kittens and was delighted to meet the new ones. Basil’s siblings were initially wary of Angus, but not Basil.

“He came straight up to Angus, stroked his face with his paw, and hopped around on his dog bed,” Baggs explained. “He cuddled right up to Angus after a few minutes of playing, and that’s been his routine ever since. He was instantly certain that cuddling against Angus’ side was a secure haven for him, and he never appeared to doubt it.”

Angus and Basil now hang out all the time, always under the supervision of their foster family. They adore each other, and when they aren’t having fun playing, they are curled up together enjoying a sleep.

Basil was asleep one day while snuggling up against Angus, virtually camouflaged against him, so much so that his foster mom didn’t even notice him there at first.

“His foster family was aware that Basil was hanging out with Angus, but when she glanced over a minute later, she didn’t instantly recognize him,” Baggs explained. “She thought to herself, ‘I know he was just there – where did he go?’”

She couldn’t stop smiling when she saw tiny Basil buried in Angus’ fur.

“Once her eyes focused on him, she giggled and grabbed her phone to take a picture,” Baggs explained. “She knew they got along well, but she hadn’t understood how similar they were until that moment, like camouflage.”

Basil feels secure when he’s nestled up against Angus after everything he’s been through. His dog foster brother is clearly boosting his confidence and teaching him all the skills he’ll need to succeed in his new permanent home.

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