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Cat Receives The Sweetest Letter From A Secret Admirer


Cat Receives The Sweetest Letter From A Secret Admirer

A lady recently returned home to her faithful cat Chips.

Pets are often used to brighten up their owners, and because Karen Miele was having a particularly bad week, Chips’ feline sense of humour and devil-may-care attitude were especially welcome.

What Miele didn’t expect to cheer her up was an envelope dropped through the mail slot.

Chips adores resting on the windowsill in Nottingham, UK, which overlooks the street where she and her human dwell. Chips had evidently grabbed someone’s eye while doing what she enjoys.

A well developed photo of Chips staring out the window was inside the mail. There was a small letter on the envelope that read:

“For you — Your lovely cat. I always look for him. —Jean.”

Jean even went to the trouble of writing the year the shot was taken on the back.

What a thoughtful gesture, Miele thought. So she snapped a picture of the message and tweeted it.

That’s when the second unexpected thing happened during Miele’s previously bad week: tens of thousands of people saw Miele’s photo of Jean’s wonderful message and their spirits were raised as well.

“I honestly didn’t expect to receive more than 5 likes on it!” Miele told The Dodo that her tweet had been favorited over 200,000 times at the time. “I’m still stunned.”

Of course, Jean had no idea about this – she’d never met Miele before, and she wasn’t on Twitter.

But then another neighbor, Laura Patterson, read the tweet and happened to know Jean. She went over to show Jean how far her kind gift had gone.

“She was looking through all the responses and was thrilled and moved that people enjoyed what she done,” Miele said. “I’ve invited her around for tea and to meet Chips anytime she wants.”

Many individuals on Twitter expressed a desire for their own “Jean” – someone who pauses to observe wonderful tiny moments and goes out of their way to share them with a complete stranger.

“Imagine if there were a lot more individuals like this,” one user said. “The world would be a much better place if everyone did this.”

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